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All purchases are final and non-refundable due to the service being avaliable to you after confirming the payment, Please note that these transactions are considered payments for a service provided by AwakenRP, in exchange for your money you receive a product associated with our community such as - A special usegroup on our website and perks associated with it, These perk consist of Private teamspeak channels, Private Donation forums, Cool donation badge on the teamspeak and many more, As such these transactions must be considered payments and the surplus after all the AwakenRP related expenses are covered is considered "Profit", which will be used for Income Taxes. This profit may be saved for expenses needed for the future, used for AwakenRP Legal costs, Staff expenses and Bonuses or spent as the community owner see's fit.

While we always try and satisfy all our Premium members and non-premium members, some aspects and features of our website our outside our control, As such we cannot guarantee that the premium rewards you purchase will always be available or stay the same, Because of this you are hereby warned of that, All premium perks are subject to availability and may change or be removed without notice.

If you do not agree with this disclaimer and its conditions, Please do not continue to purchase Premium on AwakenRP.

You can also Donate to AwakenRP. Donation is a gift without return consideration, which means you will not get any Premium ranks or rewards for your money, Donations can be used if for example you have previously maxed out your Subscription and you can no longer gain a higher Subscription, Or would not like to have to Subscribe.
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Donations lower then $5 will not receive donation perks
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